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The Buying Process

A realtor is an important person in your home buying transaction. From legally binding contracts to negotiations our job is to make sure the process is seamless and efficient. Here is what your home buying process will look like with Stoneforest Real Estate:

Get Organized with an Initial Consultation

First, we will work with you to determine what you are looking for in a home. Location, bedrooms, bathrooms, school district, and property size are just a few of the items your realtor will need to find your new home. Next, we will evaluate availability of desired your property in todays market and discuss what you can expect financially throughout the buying and moving process.

Determine Lending Options and Loan Pre Qualification

We will help connect you with the necessary resources and lenders to acquire your home loan. Once you have collected the necessary financial information, you will meet with lender to establish a price point for your home purchase. Our agents will be on hand to walk you through any questions or concerns you may have in this process.

Finding Your Home 

As your agent, we make it a priority to listen to our clients and understand what they are actually looking for. We narrow down our searches to accurately reflect your expressed desires. This eliminates the need to filter through an inadequate list of homes and allows you to act quickly on the properties that meet your needs.

Make an Offer and Come to an Agreement

Once you have selected a property, it is time to make an offer. As we walk you through the contractual process, we will use our market expertise to advise you through the different options and help you obtain the home you want. 

Sign a Contract

At this point, we will manage all the details of your home buying transaction to ensure that your liability is limited and deadlines are met in a timely manor. During the process, you will be presented with the information you need to make wise and informed decisions.


On closing day, we will be there make sure all documents and contractual items are signed and in order. Finally, you will receive the keys to your new home! We can even connect you with the vendors you need to help make the moving process as smooth as possible. 
John Sokoll and Jeff Morris
John Sokoll and Jeff Morris
Sales Executives

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